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Ninth Avenue Cemetery, Haisnes

Information from the website of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission:
Ninth Avenue Cemetery is situated 3 kilometres south of the village of Haisnes and 1 kilometre south-west of the village of Hulluch, and 274 metres south of the road from Hulluch to Vermelles.
The village of Haisnes remained in German hands until the final advance in the year 1918, but parts of the commune were gained by British troops in the Battle of Loos.
Ninth Avenue Cemetery was named from a trench which ran across the North end of it. It consists of one large grave.
There are now over 40, 1914-18 war casualties commemorated in this site. Of these, a small number are unidentified.
The cemetery covers an area of 242 square metres and is enclosed by a flint wall. The headstones to the Cameron Highlanders are erected in the form of a square round the cemetery.

The men

Louis Andrews
John Berger
David Lindsay Brown
David Burnett
Robert Alfred Davidson Burt
Donald Campbell
Charles Cowan
James Dick
George Duncan
Christopher Elliott
James Farrow
William Gibb
John Graham
James Hennessey
Thomas Lowe

John MacDonald
Alexander MacDougall
Thomas Brown MacGregor

Murdo MacKenzie
Donald John MacLeod
William Marshall
Donald Matheson
Robert McArthur
William McCluskey
John McGuinness
Donald McIntyre
George Melville
Samuel Milne
Lawrence Milton
George Nelson

William O’Donnell
T. Perry
M. Punch

Alexander Rae
Edward Shaw
Ewart Shemwell
Alexander Simpson
Richard Spiers
Archibald Stewart
Christopher Taggart
James Taylor
Alexander Thomson
Robert Alexander Whyte
William Wright
T.W. Young

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