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Kriegsgräberstätte Wicres Village

Information from the website of the Volksbund:
2.824 German war dead of the First World War rest in this war Cemetery. The German military cemetery Wicres Village was created in September 1915 by the Prussian Infantry Regiment No. 13 to commemorate those killed and those who died of wounds in the fighting in the area between La Bassée and Neuve-Chapelle.
A memorial commemorates 25 September 1915. On this day the regiment lost 210 men in a mine detonation. They are buried together. After the Regiment No.13 moved the following troops also buried their dead in this cemetery.
More than 900 dead were buried here in the second half of 1915, almost 1000 in 1918 during the major German offensive in May and the Allied counteroffensive in September/October 1918.
After the war the French military authorities enlarged the cemetery by interning German war dead from the areas of 12 surrounding communities.

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