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Kriegsgräberstätte Sandweiler

Information from the website of the Volksbund (translated from German):
This cemetery was established in the 1950’s as the first cemetery abroad after World War II. During the heavy fighting in the winter and spring of 1945 in the luxembourg-Belgian and Luxembourg-German border areas, the American burial service recovered its own and German casualties from the battle zone and burief them in two provisional grave fields in its rear army area: the Germans in the area of the municipality of Sandweiler, the Americans in Hamm, about 1,5 km apart. After the work by the US Army burial service was completed, the German cemetery contained 5,599 graves.
The first war graves agreement between Germany and a neighboring country was concluded in 1952 between the Luxembourg government and the government of the Federal Republic of Germany. At that time there were still German graves in 150 places in Luxembourg with a total of 5,286 casualties. Most of them were mass graves for which only incomplete records were available. The Volksbund transferred these casualties to Sandweiler. There was enough space here for an extension and thus for a permanent German war cemetery to be built. The reburial made it possible to identify as yet unknown casualties. Around 10,900 have received their final resting place here.
The cemetery was opened to the public on 5 June 1955.

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