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About us


I am born in 1974 and live in The Netherlands, close to the Belgian border.
I worked in the military between 1993 and 1998 and did two tours in Bosnia (1996 and 1998). I am what they call a history enthusiast, with particular interest in WW1 and WWII and especially in Operation Market Garden and the Ypres area.
In 2010 I was at the Sterksel Cemetery and decided to try and find out more about the men buried there. When I found some information and got in touch with relatives I decided I had to make a website to share the information I found. At first I only thought about making a website about the Sterksel Cemetery. But soon I also added some other local cemeteries, like Valkenswaard, Eindhoven and Mierlo and not long after that also all the cemeteries where Market Garden casualties are buried. And at this moment I am adding information about all the cemeteries I visited (and a few I never visited).

Photos and information
Sometimes people ask me if they can sent in photos they made at cemeteries so I can use them on the website. Although I have added a few cemeteries I have not been to (yet), I still want to visit every cemetery on this website myself. I want to stand next to the headstone of every person I add to this website. However, as I am not very fond about airplanes and flying, there are some countries I already know I will never visit. And that’s where I make an exception. If you have made photo’s of cemeteries and headstones in other countries than those in West-Europe I would very much appreciate it if I could use them on my website.
If you go to such a country and want to make photos for this website, then please make the photo’s of the headstones vertically and only one headstone per photo. And if possible three general photo’s of the cemetery, two horizontally and 1 vertically.

Of course I will mention you on the website as the maker of the photos.