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New cemeteries added

I am still working to transfer the information from the old site to the new site. In the meantime I am visiting new cemeteries as well, mainly in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France.
In the last 8 days I visited some 40 cemeteries in Belgium and France that I have never been to before. I have added the general information about some of them to the website.

The added cemeteries are:
First D.C.L.I. Cemetery, The Bluff
Blauwepoort Farm Cemetery (Belgium)
Bois-Carre Military Cemetery, Haisnes (France)
Cabin Hill Cemetery (Belgium)
Derry House Cemetery No.2 (Belgium)
Kriegsgräberstätte Wicres Village (France)
Fosse 7 Military Cemetery (Quality Street), Mazingarbe (France)
Hedge Row Trench Cemetery (Belgium)
Maple Copse Cemetery (Belgium)
Ninth Avenue Cemetery, Haisnes (France)
Passchendaele New British Cemetery (Belgium)
Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe (France)
2nd Canadian Cemetery, Sunken Road, Contalmaison (France)

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